Don't you expect to find here some classic definitions of this karate style. I gave you some links on the other page for this. Here you will only see kyokushin throw my eyes, the way I sow it at my beginning, the way I see it now.

The first thing one taught me on kyokushin it is that it's a very hard style, one of the hardest in the world. Because the punches and the kicks are real and as strong as possible and in the ideal, every fight should end by KO. But what I found out by my own, from the very start was that the trainings itself are hard. There is no slow down along the training and this is so intense that at the end of each training everyone feels like gaining a challenge. Is the case for kumite, kata or kihon and whether the level of the student is advanced or not, the effort is always considerable.

It is sure that the first lesson it is the one that surprises the most, if one came open-hearted and made everything in his power to keep up the rhythm, this experiment marks a point in the life of everyone. From what I noticed it is the case even for those for which that remains an unique experiment; yes, as incredible as it can look there are people who don't find in kyokushin the thing they were looking for :-)

As in all the other sports, more we advance, more we get accustomed to the rhythm of the trainings. But we should not let our self go with the wind and be satisfied in following the lessons, just carrying out the movements required by the trainer. No, kyokushin requests a lot of attention to develop in someone. It is necessary to want to always be better, to study yourself so that you can progress a bit with each training. If you're under the impression that trainings are getting lighter, it's surely because you are slowing down, and you are not trying to overpass yourself. There are , of course, stamina trainings, made specially for making the students overpass their physical limits; what I'm trying to say is that if you really want to improve yourself in kyokushin, every single training must be as tiring as the stamina-one.

But don't you believe that the only thing which can attract somebody towards the kyokushin it is its durity, this would make from all those practicing, hard people. And it's not the case at all, on the contrary. It is a good way to control its anger, to learn choosing the best way of reacting in various situations. Starting with the kata: it learns us to make the difference between the fast movements and the slow ones, between the attacks and the blockings without producing a difference of expression on our face. In the ideal our face must remain calme, there are our eyes who are supposed to say everything. In kumite we learn since we are a beginer not to cause our stronger colleagues, because we do not have enough knowledge yet to make the difference somehow else. More we advance better we know how to reacte in sparring according to our partener (his level and weight compered to ours).

There are those which start to practise the kyokushin for getting a good physical condition, and then they fall under the charm on its side "art" or its side "respect". There are also those which are attracted from the beginning by art itself and by practicing they discover the world of the competition and they begin to invest themselves on the side "sport" of the kyokushin. By consequence there are also those which do not even pass by the side art, which run directly towards the competition as soon as their technical level allows them. I do not know if there is a perfect way in kyokushin: each one creates his own, adapted to its personality, and that depends of him only to be a good technician, or a good sportsman, or if he will practise for his pleasure, without any specific goal.

The kyokushin itself changed throughout his course. At the beginning it was a really hard style; in kumite any punch and kick was allowed, all aver the body; and this, without any protection nor gloves. Now even if in competitions we continued not to wear any kind of protection, in dojo for sparring we're using all the protection we need: for the tibia, for the knees, gloves for the hands. In this way we can fight at 100% without blessing our self.


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